The verdict passed on the 12th May 1998 by the LG Hamburg rules that the inclusion of links also leads to co-responsibility of the material offered via these links. The LG Hamburg has declared that it is only possible to disclaim responsibility by expressly distancing oneself from the contents of the web sites.

If the company Wind-Westerwald links on their website to third party information providers, the company Wind-Westerwald has no influence on the contents or reliability of the web sites of these third party information providers. The following therefore applies to all links:

"The company Wind-Westerwald has no influence on the design and contents of third party internet web sites. The company Wind-Westerwald therefore expressly distances itself from the material of all third party internet web sites, even if the company Wind-Westerwald web site links to these external sites."

The declaration is valid for all links given on our web site and the material of all sites reached via banners and links on the company Wind-Westerwald web site.